Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to talk about same-sex marriage when it looks like we've lost

I have been touched by how many people have written me the last few weeks to ask, "why haven't you been writing stuff lately?"

Thanks so much for all the love. I've been very busy, is all. The school year starts this week and I am doing online lectures for the first time. Online lectures are surprisingly labor-intensive. I am also fully engaged in the bureaucratic work to launch a children's rights institute, which is a labor of love and what I will consider my crowning life achievement, if I can only make it happen. I've made great contacts with people in Asia and Europe to push forward with it.

I will be catching up with all the news, I promise. There is so much to talk about, so much to mull over.

But I want to address something to people who are on my side (you readers of ThinkProgress and Towle Road, you can stop reading here and go back to something more interesting, if by chance you were bounced here by a hostile link.)

Each day, it seems, I get another grim alarm that some other conservative has converted to supporting same-sex marriage. If it isn't the people at Pajamas Media, it's someone at the Daily Caller, a libertarian, John Bolton, Rob Portman, a Catholic editor of First Things, and so on and so on. I notice a sense of loss and grief that repeats itself each time people on our side, who worry about the destruction of the family, find yet another reason to feel let down. Remember when the big defection was Dick Cheney and his daughters -- and we were kind of happy to be rid of them anyway? Now it seems like it's a daily hemorrhaging.  (more...)

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