Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Scholar: Liberals, Feminists Have Made Men Afraid to Embrace Their Manhood

The important role men play in a family is due to their natural instincts to protect the weak and vulnerable, Morse explained, but liberals and feminists have made men afraid to embrace their unique role.

“This is what the left despises about the family – they cannot control it and government is not necessary for it,” Morse said.

“I want the men listening … to embrace your manhood,” Morse said. “Do not be ashamed. … There’s nothing wrong with being a man. That’s what we need from you. We need those who will take responsibility for protecting the weak and will sustain the family. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Morse criticized some of the libertarian views expressed at the conference for not recognizing the importance of families.

Conservatives love the free market, Morse said, because it is an act of social cooperation that does not require the government. Conservatives should recognize as well, though, that “marriage is the most basic unit of social cooperation that doesn’t need the government to be involved.”  (more...)

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