Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The black man shot by a white man who didn't get much press attention

This piece is worth thinking about:


On August 15, 2012, a white man named Floyd Corkins shot and nearly killed a black man named Leo Johnson in Washington DC. Johnson was heroic, managed to tackle Corkins even with a gunshot wound, and saved an entire office building from what would have been a mad gunman's rampage.

Corkins viewed Johnson as less than human, not worthy of life. He profiled him. Why? Perhaps it was partly because Johnson was black, and a mere security guard, someone Corkins was programmed by white privilege to signal a lack of dignity. That might have been part of it. It was also the fact that Johnson was a security guard for a Christian-based organization called the Family Research Council, which opposes same-sex marriage. (more...)

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