Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Herod and Pilate

With a view to Joseph Bottum's rising and Gwen Landolt's falling friend-counts, I offer you this piece I wrote for my KofC Council's newsletter a few months ago:

The quick friendship of Herod and Pilate is the most infamous alliance in human history. The demise of the Just Man occasioned by this association is a trope of fallen human nature. How often has Barabas been preferred to Jesus? How many Abels, Urias, Naboths, and Baptists have been sacrificed to greed, love of power, lust and vanity?
Sin propagates like mould in bread and quickly ruins the whole structure of society. Blindness to the plight of the weakest is a symptom, not a first cause, of corruption of the prevailing culture. Institutions that serve the way of the world rather than the will of God advance the worst of society while crushing all others in a vice of mediocrity.
The light in this darkness is not found anywhere but on Calvary. No way but the narrow one leads to freedom. No life can be preserved but through death to the world. But one promise can be believed with confidence: This day thou shalt be with me in paradise.” 
 False friends? Flee them.
 Vivat Jesus

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