Monday, August 19, 2013

Child Rapists and Other Well-Meaning Liberals

In Rose City, Michigan, a middle school teacher named Neal Erickson molested one of his male students.  When caught, Erickson, upstanding citizen that he is, pleaded guilty to child rape to spare the young man further pain, and was sentenced to 15-30 years in prison. The reaction of Mr. Erickson's wife and fellow colleagues to his sentence exposes some of the insanity residing inside the American public school system.  Lest we forget, members of teachers' unions overwhelmingly supported the initial election and subsequent reelection of a president whose actions against a nation that stupidly trusted him as parents trust teachers with their children are largely scandalous.

That's why a small sample of West Branch Rose City teachers' letters of leniency on behalf of Mr. Erickson elucidates more than an outrageous defense of a child molester.  The letters reveal a mindset, a worldview, and a relativistic standpoint that not only endangers schoolchildren, but is also detrimental to America as a whole.

High school teacher Toni Erickson is the wife of child rapist Neal Erickson.  Clearly, Mrs. Erickson has exhibited loyalty toward her husband and is willing to overlook that he molested an eighth grade boy for three years, and that is very touching.  But what's scary is that from Toni's lopsided perspective, the child is less a victim than the rapist.  (more...)

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