Friday, August 23, 2013

Educational Collapse Mestastasizes

No school is an island; each school, each sector of education, is connected to the others.  Influences flow among them.  It's reasonable to think a nation's educational institutions will rise and fall together.

College professors may hope they can retreat to an ivory tower, untouched by the mediocrity in our public schools.  Some professors may believe they are an intellectual aristocracy and, as such, cannot be contaminated by the rabble below.

However, the contamination relentlessly spreads and has for almost 100 years, ever since John Dewey and his progressive educators began to control public education.  They wanted to shape the type of society that the U.S. becomes.  Naturally, they want to control higher education, too.

To understand the depth and longevity of the contamination, we merely have to look at one of the seminal books of the 20th century: Educational Wastelands -- the Retreat from Learning in our Public Schools, written by Professor Arthur Bestor in 1953.  Imagine that; 60 years ago, a distinguished professor of history took on the saboteurs of education at every level.  (more...)

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