Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Archbishop Chaput: American Culture Digesting Latino Values

Philadelphia's Archbishop Charles Chaput addressed a national convention of Catholic Hispanic leaders Friday, warning that an idea that Latinos, simply by their presence in the United States, "might restore the moral tenor of our public discourse is a delusion."

In a talk at the national convention of the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders (CALL) held in Los Angeles, the archbishop spoke about "why faith matters," explaining the importance of recognizing and respecting human dignity.

Toward the end of his discourse, the prelate reflected on Latino influence in the United States.

"Nations change when people change. And people change through the witness of other people -- people like each of you here in this room. That brings me to the main reason for my comments today. When Archbishop Jose Gomez [of Los Angeles] and I founded CALL eight years ago, our goal was simple. Demography is destiny. The Latino population in the United States is growing very rapidly -- more rapidly than any other ethnic group -- and transforming the face of our country. The 'next America' will have a spirit infused with Hispanic experience. This should be a good thing. And it is a good thing, because Latin American culture, even today, has a legacy of respect for the family, for community and for the Catholic faith that too many North Americans have traded away, much too cheaply, for the satisfactions of social approval and material success," Archbishop Chaput said.  (more...)

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