Thursday, August 29, 2013

National Education Association Goes Full LGBT Agenda In 2013

The NEA held their annual convention in Atlanta in July, but it wasn’t Georgia that was on their mind it was the LGBT Agenda.
From NEA Website
During the 93rd NEA Representative Assembly and Annual Meeting held July 3-6 in Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center, one idea resonated above the rest: When it comes to leading a movement for student success that is real and sustainable, no one is more equipped than educators.
We must empower our members to create change, -NEA President Dennis Van
This from an article entitled, “NEA It’s Time For Us To Transform Public Education.”  Uh oh, where have were heard that before?  According to Eagle Forum one of the NEA’s main concerns this year is advancing the homosexual agenda:
NEA Executive Director John Stocks urged delegates at the 2013 Convention to be social justice patriots  who stand with the LGBTQQ community against bigotry and for marriage equality. He heralded “that wonderful Supreme Court decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act” and gave thanks to NEA general counsel Alice O’Brien and the NEA legal team for their joint submission of a brief to the Supreme Court targeting DoMA.
Hmmm  (more...)

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