Friday, August 16, 2013

‘Absolutely not accurate’: REAL Women’s Gwen Landolt slams CBC for misquote on gay death penalty

TORONTO, August 15, 2013 ( – The pro-family, pro-life conservative organization REAL Women of Canada is calling a CBC report “absolutely not” accurate that quoted president Gwen Landolt as if she tacitly approved Uganda’s contemplation of the death penalty for practicing homosexuals.

“I don’t know if the CBC did this deliberately or whether it was accidental and they misunderstood [my position],” said Landolt to “My whole life I have been utterly opposed to capital punishment and I would never make homosexual execution the exception.”

Landolt stated that REAL Women would “never support the death penalty in any circumstance.”

“I would never ever in a hundred years say the execution of people is suitable and appropriate. Never,” she said. (LSN) contacted the CBC journalist who wrote the story, but never received a response.

Last week REAL Women criticized Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird, a practicing homosexual, for imposing what it called “his own perspective on homosexuality” in foreign countries such as Uganda, Kenya, and Russia that have passed laws aimed at preserving the traditional family structure.

In his effort to promote tolerance in these countries, Baird has blasted such laws as “mean-spirited”, “hateful”, and “intolerant”.  (more...)

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