Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Socialist Studies

The purpose of this blog is to expose the high level of socialist indoctrination, cultural Marxism, and other distasteful ideologies in public education and on university campuses, particularly in Canada.

Over the past several years, bloggers and media outlets have reported on the many ways that socialism, critical race theory, and radical sex-ed have been pushed aggressively by Canada's educational institutions.

The Toronto District School Board has been caught promoting communist dictator Che GuevaraEl Salvador's Communist Party, and the Black Panthers.  They've got a school named after Norman Bethune, a staunch ally of Mao Zedong.  The TDSB won't deny that their curriculum promotes Marxism, because they have curriculum documents that promote communism.  They've also sent students to participate inOCAP rallies.  OCAP, which stands for Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, is a violent anti-capitalist organization.  Unfortunately, this kind of socialist indoctrination happens not only in Toronto, but in public schools all across Canada.

The TDSB has also been telling preschool and kindergarten students to cross-dress, promoting polygamy, telling students to have sex with vegetables, displaying explicit brochures, telling students they can use whichever bathroom they want, telling schools to hire more transgendered teachers, and forcing students to participate in Aboriginal religious ceremonies.  As with the promotion of socialism, these forms of liberal indoctrination are not confined to Toronto.  (more...)

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