Friday, June 9, 2023

The Roots Of Modern Eco-Terrorism: From MK Ultra And The Unabomber To Maurice Strong And Yuval Harari


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Strange things are happening.

Every few days, it has become customary to hear stories of trains carrying toxic waste derailing in rural food producing regions of the USA, or food processing plants going up in flames.

Meanwhile propaganda justifying the confiscation of property in the name of the greater good advances within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and UN Agenda 2030 while too few pay attention. Avowed Malthusians like Mark Carney, or Great Reset co-founder King Charles III advance the idea that humanity’s primary problem is climate change and overpopulation which apparently can only be tackled by radically reducing energy use, food production, and national sovereignty.

Rather than finding a mass movement of resistance towards this attack upon humanity, we have instead seen the spread of new pseudo-spiritual doctrines such as ‘Terror Management Theory’ promoted by evolutionary psychiatrist Sheldon Solomon who was featured in Michael Moore’s recent film Planet of the Humans. In this influential documentary, Solomon states:

“If we are to make progress, whatever that word means, or even to persist as a form of life, we’re going to need to radically overhaul our basic conception of who and what we are and what it is that we value. Because the people… both on the left and on the right that think we’re going to be able to discover more oil, or solar panel ourselves into the future, where life will look pretty much like it does now, only cleaner and better. I think that’s just frankly delusional… The only solution in principle, as Albert Camus put it ‘There’s only one liberty- to come to terms with death’, and thereafter anything is possible. I find that downright inspiring.”

In Solomon’s worldview, the causes of all disasters facing humanity are driven ultimately by our religious and other moral constructs which have simply been made up to avoid the fact of our ultimately meaningless lives and inevitable demise. The solution then, is to replace these destructive out-dated beliefs with a more relevant new scientific religion founded upon the enthusiastic embrace of death.  (more...)

The Roots Of Modern Eco-Terrorism: From MK Ultra And The Unabomber To Maurice Strong And Yuval Harari

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