Thursday, June 15, 2023

Innocent until labelled 'foreign'


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As Canadian lawmakers consider the adoption of a Foreign Influence Transparency Registry, it’s important for Canadians to critically examine the true motives underlying this law and consider what it’s been used for by our “allies.” While it is presented as a measure to enhance transparency and bolster national security, instead, it will serve as a tool to suppress dissent, curtail what’s left of our freedom of speech, and enable excessive governmental overreach.

The broad scope of this law make it so anyone in Canada could be labelled a 'foreign influence' and subjected to invasive investigative measures. Canadians should take into account the experiences of countries where the negative consequences of similar legislation are already being observed.

In 2018, Australia implemented the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme, ostensibly to enhance its defense against potential “threats”, with a disproportionate focus on China. However, the enforcement of this law did not target malicious foreign entities as expected, and still hasn’t. Instead, it primarily focused on Australian citizens, particularly those who expressed opposing political views. 

A notable example of this is the case of former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Andrew Cooper, the director of Liberty Works, an organization focused on promoting civil liberties and free speech. Both individuals found themselves targeted by the scheme merely for their participation, which involved discussing ideas and policies within the domestic context. Their activity was framed as potential foreign influence, leading to aggressive demands for extensive documentation of their interactions and affiliations.  (more...)

Innocent until labelled 'foreign'

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