Thursday, June 15, 2023

Secret memo exposes plan to mislead public about the vaccine


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Thanks to an unredacted memo from the Privy Council uncovered by Blacklock’s Reporter, we now know that the federal government, as early as May of 2021, instructed public health officials to downplay and skew data relating to adverse reactions and injuries from the Covid-19 vaccine in order to maintain confidence in the public health regime in Canada.

This is a bombshell story that confirms what most people knew all along – the government intentionally misled the public about adverse reactions to the shot in order to increase uptake.

Further, Pfizer and other Big Pharma companies worked with the government to block access to the vaccine contracts from being made public.

The public health narrative that Canadians were told by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam and the rest of the government is crumbling.

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