Monday, June 5, 2023

The DISGUSTING Crimes Of Herta Oberheuser - The Evil Doctor Of Ravensbruck

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During the Second World War, there were huge networks of concentration camps where evil guards worked and inflicted horrific acts of brutality. After the war, a number of war crimes trials took place that sentenced former guards, doctors and other members of staff to death with them being executed for crimes against humanity. But there were many other former members of staff that were sentenced to time in prison and also never faced trial. Herta Oberheuser was a former doctor who worked at Ravensbruck Concentration Camp and she was known particularly for her brutality and savagery. 

Herta Oberheuser inside of Ravensbruck worked with Heinrich Himmler's doctor Karl Gebhardt and they would carry out horrendous experiments. Many of their experiments resulted in prisoners having their legs broken forcibly and then also having their wounds infected with glass and wood. Oberheuser was part of this, and she did not give any care to the prisoners and even would give them vinegar to drink when they asked for water. She also refused to administer pain relief, and her actions resulted in great suffering and pain and even death and execution. After the Second World War, she would be placed on trial at the Nuremberg Doctors Trial, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. However she only served 7 and even tried to practice medicine again after the war! 

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