Sunday, June 4, 2023

Polish Political Prisoners of the Pro-NATO Regime


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Some scholars describe Poland’s current political system with the term “illiberal”, i.e. as preserving the external appearances of neoliberal parliamentary democracy, but with a limited level of human and civil rights.

This analysis seems incomplete. Poland is not an exception to the Western system, some relic of its  own authoritarian past or a freak of local populist authoritarianism. On the contrary, the example of Poland can be used to trace the evolution that will almost certainly be shared by other countries subject to the neoliberal domination of the United States and the UK.

Dismantling the last appearances of parliamentarianism and the rule of law is an inherent feature of the present stage of imperialism. They become redundant, as historically only securing smooth functioning of capitalist Fordism, which is no longer needed today in the realities of global financialised capitalism.

Social consensus, acceptance of left-wing parties and trade unions, giving a certain scope of freedom of expression and organization are useless for the dominating classes. 

Poland shows that in the next phase of imperialism there will be an attempt to strengthen it through authoritarianism, in fact a mono-party system (now poorly concealed by the false division into ‘ruling party / parliamentary opposition’) and possible references to populist and outright fascist content, while of course maintaining neoliberal slogans and phraseology.  (more...)

Polish Political Prisoners of the Pro-NATO Regime

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