Sunday, June 11, 2023

Mel Gibson: Hollywood Elite Trying To Kill Me for Exposing Pedophile Ring


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Mel Gibson is living in fear for his life after vowing to expose an elite pedophile ring operating at the heart of the Hollywood system. According to Gibson, Hollywood elites have already tried to cancel him, silence him, and destroy his career – none of which worked because we, the people, understand that he is telling the truth.

Mel Gibson enraged the establishment in 2017 by going on record denouncing Hollywood as a “den of parasites” who “feast on the blood of kids.”

The mainstream media quickly pounced on Gibson’s revelations, deployed fact checkers including Snopes to declare the comments fake news, and proceeded to delete every video and article from the internet. Orwell warned us that in the future the elites would “memory-hole” inconvenient information. And this is exactly what the elites did with Gibson’s revelations about Hollywood.

In short, Mel Gibson’s voice was silenced.

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