Friday, June 23, 2023

Targeting your kids: The secret trans agenda exposed in Canada


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The Canadian Paediatric Society's new position statement on gender affirming care for children is the kind of thing that needs to be seen to be believed. Among other absurd recommendations and positions, the paper advocates the prescription of hormone blocking drugs like leuprolide acetate to adolescent boys and girls. This is the same drug that is given to repeat violent sex offenders to chemically castrate them. Once that is prescribed, the paper then moves on to advocating the use of hormone replacement drugs. These hormone replacement drugs – as the statement clearly states – will permanently decrease fertility to extent not yet known. Finally, they advocate "gender-affirming surgeries" for adolescent girls.

The truth is, the three-headed monster of government, medicine and education have been working together to create a barrier between parents and their children to such a degree that parents have next to no recourse once their child believes they were born in the wrong body.

We can thank both Liberals and Conservatives for that.

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