Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Canadian government 'foreign interference' paranoia ends universal free speech myth


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Access to Information Processing (ATIP) requests obtained by The Canada Files, and public Rapid Response Mechanism Canada reports on "disinformation", reveal the underlying objective of the pro-NATO capitalists in Canada and elsewhere in the collective west; crushing political dissent to their colonial foreign policy.

Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) Canada pushes common propaganda tropes against the ‘axis’ of Russia, Iran, and China, the debunked ‘democracy vs autocracy’ narrative, and the ‘threat to democracy’ that the ‘authoritarian countries’ point of view could pose if ever considered by the popular masses. Don't ask what they're thinking, just know they’re evil; their anti-colonial and anti-capitalist outlook versus the G7's colonial history notwithstanding. 

The focus was on elections, and ultimately making sure that no anti-NATO, pro-Russia, pro-China, or pro-Iran candidate or party ever wins an election in any associated G7 state, and that "authentic, verified" information is always circulated during a national election or imperialist adventure (such as Ukraine or Taiwan). Just as now, with the CSIS-driven Chinagate scandal, the crushing of dissent or sympathy towards “enemy nations” is a key goal.

Many tools were discussed in their papers, including the use of the law to prosecute dissenters, thus ending any pretence of universal free speech that might have existed in the Western sphere.  (more...)

Canadian government 'foreign interference' paranoia ends universal free speech myth

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