Thursday, June 1, 2023

Evangelical Treason Rips America


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“The greatest threat from terrorism in the United States comes from people who are associated with a British Church of England-run Pentecostalist movement inside the United States. It is this apparatus which has structured the militias. Now, most people in the militia movement, or associated with it, have no part of the intentions of those who are behind it, particularly that section in the Episcopal Church, or Pat Robertson, who’s part of this same movement, who are barking–authentically barking–Pentecostalists, who, with their connections with the military, deeply embedded in the military, including the … corps of chaplains in the U.S. military, are largely controlled, presently, by outright barking Pentecostalists …. This is the … main source of the internal threat of the potential for terrorism, and other kinds of treason inside the United States, today.“

—Lyndon LaRouche, “EIR Talks,” July 30, 1997.

Two years after the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal building, a stream of lies is pouring through British-run media sewers, preparing credulous populists to view terrorism, or even civil war, as inevitable.

The grotesque joke is on the American populists. Their paramilitary militias, and Pentecostal sects, are creations of the very “Godless internationalists” they believe they are resisting.

The British Empire high church apparatus seeks to reduce the American mind to that of a clown, a hypnotized “Christian” who babbles or barks like a dog; a “patriot” numbed by anti-government gossip and Armageddonism, so that he sees his own nation as his enemy.

Will these Americans provide cover, and become patsies, for criminal outrages by professional terrorists? In hopes that, instead, they will get out of the game, and turn their righteous anger against their manipulators, we offer this report on how the game is rigged.  (more...)

Evangelical Treason Rips America

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