Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Canada’s Chrystia Freeland – The Truth Behind Her Adopted Last Name


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A case to free (verb) the land (of Ukraine) tracing back to Nazi collaboration in WWII.

A cover-up story of an ancestor of Western Ukrainian political and military immigrants from the woman who froze Canadian bank accounts.

Let’s start with several questions and and a hypothetical situation in order for you to understand the events described further in this article.

Imagine yourself born and further living in a country where you speak a language that is different from a language other people speak in this country. Then imagine that your parents tell you stories about suppression from other nationalities living in the country. Then imagine your parents taking you out of the country to save your life. Then imagine you grow up and you have a dream to visit the country where your parents lived but had to escape from the atrocities of the war. Think! Done? Well, this should give you some glimpse into the thoughts of people who emigrate to other country because of the war – you might feel that everything you had in your life has been taken by some other people, your thoughts are confusing, the body might not respond to you, people around do not help – you might feel as forsaken by your friends, your god, your country, your companions.

Now let’s proceed to describe a situation that happened to the parents of Chrystia Freeland. We need to look at those events in order to understand what happened during WWII and after. We will write this article describing major events only in order to save your time getting to core information (you’re welcome!).  (more...)

Canada’s Chrystia Freeland – The Truth Behind Her Adopted Last Name

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