Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Poland training militants to attack Belarus – newspaper


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Once again, the evidence makes it clear that the West wants to involve Belarus in the current conflict. In a report published by The Times it was informed that exiled Belarusian militants are being trained in Polish territory in preparation for a future insurrection in their country.

According to the newspaper, the "Bypol" group, an extremist dissident militia that actively participated in the attempted color revolution in 2020, is based in the Polish city of Poznan, where an intense military training program is being conducted. Journalists went to the field to interview some of the militiamen and reported that the number of recruits is already "in the hundreds".

The program would have started many months ago, bringing together "common Belarusians" who want to give a response to President Aleksandr Lukashenko's “Stalinesque campaign of torture and detention [that] has all but silenced dissent” in Minsk. To add credibility to this narrative, the paper interviewed an exiled woman involved in the training nicknamed “Predator”. The 42-year-old dissident explained that she is the mother of a child who is unaware that she is currently in a military program. The option for combat would apparently have been motivated by the need to "fight for Belarus".

“My daughter doesn’t know I am here. I told her I was going paintballing (...) []However] I came here today (…) to prepare for the fight for Belarus", "Predator" told journalists during an interview.  (more...)

Poland training militants to attack Belarus – newspaper

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