Sunday, June 4, 2023

Government by CSIS


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Canada’s political elites and mainstream media are in the pocket of CSIS, now the lead servant of Canadian capital. The Canadian people will suffer dearly for this.

NDP Member of Parliament (MP) Jenny Kwan is the latest MP to cry ‘intimidation’ after having a classified briefing with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). 

Unproven allegations of Chinese government intimidation against Conservative MP Michael Chong came with constantly changing narratives about what was allegedly done to him (now it’s that “the PRC was looking for information on their [Chong’s] family in Hong Kong [a family which he hadn’t been in contact with for years, so the supposed value of pressuring them is non-existent]).” 

The baseless claims around Chong, pushed by the Globe & Mail’s CSIS-loving duo, Robert Fife and Steven Chase, sparked Chinagate. Ever since, CSIS has gained significant amount of influence over MPs, Canada’s government and showcased its dominance of Canada’s mainstream media.

Fife and Chase have relied upon an anonymous CSIS “leaker” for a number of their Chinagate stories. Yet CSIS’ refusal to disclose communications with these two Globe & Mail reporters raises suspicion that the main “leaker” could be a CSIS operative.  (more...)

Government by CSIS

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