Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pope Criticizes Walls. Neo-Fascist Heads Explode

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI did it. Famously. And Saint John Paul II did it before him -- ah that's all in the distant past now.

Holy fool beclowns gentile wiseguys
Now that a development billionaire is running for president, you just don't dis balconies, patios, towers, and especially walls. So, what makes folks so touchy about the real estate business?

That’s the provocative question asked last July by  David Marcus for The Federalist: “We need to welcome Donald Trump to his new place in serious national politics with a cold, hard look at the crooks, conspirators, and criminals who peopled his early career.” 
We agree. This is a compelling topic for research — and that’s why it seems remarkable that there’s been little scrutiny by the press or Trump’s GOP opponents. 
Below, a dip of the toe into the murky waters of Trump’s Mafia connections:
Heh, heh...

The topic gets more scrutiny here:

Quite a crowd Donnie runs with...

People who build walls are called masons

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