Thursday, February 11, 2016

Detectives did not put name of boy allegedly murdered by VIP paedophile ring to only suspect

Harvey Proctor
Scotland Yard knew the identity of one of the young boys allegedly murdered by a VIP paedophile ring a year ago, but has never put the name to the only living suspect, the Telegraph has discovered.

Detectives launched Operation Midland in November 2014 after a man in his 40s, known as Nick, claimed to have witnessed the murders of three young boys at the hands of a powerful network of politicians and military figures in the 1970s and 80s.

Initially the witness claimed not to know the names of the victims but in February last year wrote on a blog that he had “accidentally” discovered the identity of one of the boys.

He wrote that he was desperate to learn more about “his friend” who had been killed adding “I miss him so very much”.

Nick told police that former Tory MP Harvey Proctor had been responsible for two of the murders and had been implicated in the third.

But despite subjecting Mr Proctor to two lengthy police interviews, first in June last year and then again in August, detectives have never put the name to him.  (more...)

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