Friday, February 19, 2016

Map of 95,000 Downloaders Worldwide of Child Abuse Material

Investigative Reporters for a Norwegian Magazine online called VG, have been able to trace the IP addresses of 95,000 downloaders of child abuse pictures worldwide. Einar Otto Stangvik, computer analyst for VG, believes that the map may indicate the location of several paedophile networks....
The VG magazine team collected data for 10 months from file-sharing platforms, some of which keep publicly available logs of downloads. VG’s team downloaded these logs, which contained information on 36 million downloads, from file names and dates of download, to usernames, email addresses and IPs.

They searched for abuse file names on both the clear and dark web. This allowed them to compile a list of Child Abuse Material (CAM) files. They then looked at other downloads made by the same people who’d downloaded these files in hopes of uncovering more CAM.

The team discarded all normal downloads, set aside those made outside Norway, and continued to search for additional files downloaded by the same users which could turn out to be CAM. The final result was a list of 5, 500 downloads made in Norway. After some careful sleuthing, crossing usernames, social media accounts, email addresses, IPs, the team was able to identify many of the persons behind these usernames.  (more...)

Number of CAM Downloaders per 100,000 Population in a selection of Countries
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