Thursday, February 18, 2016

Understading how governments have managed to promote an "inclusive" society

 The Myth of Mental Illness
Provincial governments in Canada are forcing through legislation that children be taught a radical and comprehensive sex curriculum. The current Liberal government will soon legalize euthanasia. Canada permits the killing of the unborn child up to  the moment of birth. Canadians disagree on these and other issues, but here's my idea. If governments wish to promote the culture of death and secularism, then they tell citizens the truth. And do it especially during an election. Tell the citizenry what "choice," sex "education," bullying, "equity," and "end of life care" really mean. It's a culture war and governments want to win. But if citizens were told the truth at least they would know the evil they are voting for and facing.

Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz in his book The Myth of Mental Illness: Foundations of a Theory of Social Conduct published in 1964, made the argument that mental health over the years had been turned from medical practice into a tool for changing attitudes and public policies. In short, mental health education had become a "moral" enterprise but without being directly referred to as a moral issue. Government changes aren't called "moral" values purposely so that that the citizenry can more readily accept them. There is a greater chance to get people to accept government views when a government says it's implementing "equity," "inclusive," and "diverse" policies and laws. Never tell people you're actually attempting to change their morality and thinking. The government can then, for example, legislate "equity policies" while undermining the Christian view but maintain the higher "moral" ground.  (more...)

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