Thursday, February 18, 2016

Superbowl & Grammy’s: Black Magic Helter Skelter Race War

We discuss the recent mega-ritual social engineering events known as the Superbowl and the Grammy's. Delving into the esoteric side, we begin analyzing the alchemical and occultic notions of inversion and its relation to the multi-cultural program of monoculture dissolution. Highlighting the promotion of globalism and French Revolutionary illuminism in Coldplay, we look at Beyoncé's "Church of Bey," the agitprop of #blacklivesmatter, Crowleyan "moon" aspects of Audi's bizarre commercials, and the history of CIA usage of counter-culture in Dave McGowan's works. Moving to the Grammy's, we investigate the similar themes that link both, considering the Eagles, Taylor Swift as a "spy," and Lady Gaga as David Bowie

New World Order Circuses

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