Thursday, February 25, 2016

Girl accused in Pickering school stabbing appeared to show common warning signs

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to say dramatic and emotional things, or even claim they’ll harm others or kill themselves.

But after something terrible happens, said child psychologist and author Lisa Damour, such statements take on a whole new morbid veneer.

The trouble is, how do you separate the trifles of teenage angst from serious signs of danger and depression?

Damour said it’s quite simple.

You ask. And then, if need be, you find help.

“When a child really hurts themselves or somebody else, it’s very hard to say these things come out of the blue,” Damour told the Star on Wednesday.

“Almost invariably they are sending up flags.”

Students and staff at Dunbarton High School in Pickering were reeling after a 14-year-old girl allegedly stabbed and injured seven people there Tuesday morning. Durham Region police later confirmed they are investigating a blog that includes posts from recent weeks and months that include thoughts on suicide, depression and pledges to carry out a stabbing attack at a school. The blog included an entry, since deleted, that promised a school stabbing on the day of the incident.  (more...)


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