Saturday, February 13, 2016

Camouflaged Killer: The Shocking Double Life Colonel Russell Williams

 Camouflaged Killer
I have to disagree with the author's introduction that, "Russell Williams was not a monster. He was one of us." He might have disguised himself as a normal human being, but he was not. His crimes were heinous and horrid. We know the entire dreadfulness of them because of the photos and films he took while committing them and even after, where he reveled in the stolen underwear and clothes of those whose lives he violated.

David Gibb does an outstanding job in describing the life of Russell Williams, and trying to delve into his psyche. There are footnotes along the way to explain police tactics, methods and the law. He explains completely how the discovery of who committed these offenses affect the military, the shame and mistrust that fell upon the service.

The background of Williams, his parents and their divorce is gone into. It does seem an oversimplification that he learns he can go by 2 identities when he lives with his mother and her new husband.

What lies at the heart of this book is the humiliation the women he committed his crimes against, the ones who lived and those he killed. This is a story of criminal behavior that had an effect on a whole country... a man entrusted to command the most prestigious air wing, who had piloted the airplanes of the royal family. The brutality and sickness of such a person is analyzed, as well as the details of his crimes.  (more...)

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