Wednesday, February 24, 2016

'Cover up' allowed Bishop Peter Ball to escape justice

A victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a bishop has claimed a "deeply sinister, co-ordinated cover up" allowed him to escape justice.

Bishop Peter Ball, who was jailed last year for abusing young men between the 1970s and 1980s, was investigated by police in 1993 and given a caution.

He admitted to his defence team, which included a priest, that he had committed sexual offences.
Gloucestershire Police said a thorough investigation took place.

Documents seen by the BBC suggest Ball's defence team sought to do a deal with the police to avoid the "scandal of a trial".

Ball, who was previously Bishop of Lewes, promised to resign as Bishop of Gloucester and "immediately leave the country", but instead continued to officiate as a priest in the Church of England until 2010.

The Reverend Graham Sawyer, one of the men abused by Ball said: "It looks like there was a deeply sinister, coordinated, but probably in the end rather inept attempt at a cover-up."  (more...)


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