Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Neoconservatives, CIA, Cold War and the Catholic Church

Dr. E. Michael Jones returns to discuss Neoconservativism, it's origins and takeover of US foreign policy. We also delve into the CIA's efforts to undermine the presidency of Jimmy Carter, the October Surprise, David Rockefeller's machinations, and the infiltration of the Catholic Church by organized crime and Western intelligence agencies during the Papacy of John Paul II.

 Our Interesting Times

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  1. Neo-conservatism has done such a good job, that only a cursory glance at the reaction of US "conservative" Catholics to Bernie Sanders is quite enlightening. People change, so what Sanders was in the 60s and 70s may be titillating but hardly the point. Sanders' economic program may be interventionist, but is hardly that of a "communist". 1950s cold War propaganda and sloganeering have done there work. The reason why Sanders is unacceptable to a Catholic is simple: he is anti-life, he is pro-homosexual etc. From what I have read, none of his economic proposals are contrary to Catholic morals. I have read his 12 point program - it contains a mixture of foolishness, common sense etc (are not all men usually contradictions?). I have not read anything in his program about dialectical materialism, class warfare or atheism.

    I dare say that if Bernie Sanders was rigorously pro-life, and anti-homosexual - yet with the same economic program - Catholics would still be shouting "communist", and parking their vote with a decadent capitalist. We must not forget that 2 of the 4 sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance relate to the exploitation of the poor.