Saturday, January 23, 2016

UK: Police failure in 155 historic abuse cases 'overwhelms' investigators

Accusations against former Prime Minister Ted Heath
were never properly probed
The police watchdog admits it risks being ‘overwhelmed’ by the soaring number of allegations that corrupt cops covered up child sex-abuse rings.

Shocking figures obtained by The Mail on Sunday reveal that more than 150 investigations are under way into claims that officers protected VIP paedophiles, ignored grooming gangs and even took advantage of young people themselves.

They include the repeated missed opportunities to prosecute Labour politician Greville Janner for preying on boys in care, and accusations against former Prime Minister Ted Heath that were never properly probed.

In a previously unseen report, the Independent Police Complaints Commission reveals that many more allegations could be made as forces go back over their old files, even though many of those accused have long since retired or died.

The massive rise in cases could leave the IPCC unable to deal with other types of misconduct allegations against serving police without extra money on top of the £30 million funding boost it received last year, which would anger chief constables and crime tsars whose budgets are being squeezed.  (more...)

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