Saturday, January 23, 2016

Parents claim York Region school Internet filters ineffective; pornography accessible

TORONTO — A Markham couple said computers in York Region’s public school system aren’t adequately equipped to filter out pornography, putting children at risk.

Eva and John Himanen have three daughters at Little Rouge Public School in Markham, and Eva is even the vice chair of the school council.

They love the school, but Eva said officials there have refused to acknowledge what she said has been a problem for at least a couple years.

“Kids were accessing inappropriate material,” she said, adding that she’s repeatedly brought her concerns to school administrators at council meetings, questioning whether they even have Internet filters.

Eva said school principals were so confident of system security that they let her test it out for herself; so the next day, she logged into the server using her daughter’s password and searched two distinct phrases on Google: “porn” and “naked sex.”

“Images came up, websites came up. I clicked on a website, was able to open it up, no problem,” she recalls.  (more...)

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