Thursday, January 28, 2016

University of Toronto bullies and censors pro-life student group

Discrimination in Canada against Christians is sadly happening in too many places. Trinity Western University has had to fight a legal battle to try to get its future law graduates to be able to get employment in most provinces. Some of Canada's law societies have decided that Christian graduates need not apply. Voices of the Nations had their permit to perform at Yonge-Dundas Square revoked last year because they sing Christian songs. In many universities and colleges across Canada, pro-life student clubs are banned. These are clear cases of discrimination and bigotry against Christians. Christians are not wanted in the public square. It's time to push back.

The most recent case of discrimination is taking place at the University of Toronto's Mississauga location. The pro-life club called Students for Life has not been allowed to organize on campus. This decision was made by the Students' Union back in 2015, even though in 2014 the group had been given permission to go ahead with its activities.

When Students for Life asked for the reason why they could not operate they were told that it's because the club is "pro-choice." What's has happened to the freedom speech and the freedom of association? What is happening to democracy in Canada? The University of Toronto is now going to tell some 14,000 students on the campus what to think? Has pro-choice been reduced to one choice: the pro-death choice. Why should the pro-death students have more rights than the pro-life students?  (more...)

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