Friday, January 29, 2016

Italian police discover fugitive mob bosses hiding in bunker

Police nabbed two mafiosi on January 29, 2016, after discovering them
"living like animals" in a mountain hideout with an arsenal of weapons.
ROME — Italian police discovered an underground bunker in the countryside of southern Calabria Friday with two mobsters, considered among Italy’s most dangerous fugitives, holed up and sleeping inside.

Police said they are trying to find a network of accomplices they suspect helped ’ndrangheta clan bosses Giuseppe Crea and Giuseppe Ferraro elude capture for 10 years and 18 years respectively.

Crea, 37, faces 22 years in prison for Mafia association; Ferraro, 48, was sentenced to life imprisonment, including for a murder conviction.

The two had a dozen firearms, including a Kalashnikov, neatly hung up on a wall, video released by police of the bunker’s interior showed.  (more...)


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