Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Transgender education: Proposed WSD policy teaches school officials how to accommodate gender non-conforming kids

The Winnipeg School Division is looking to establish its first policy to accommodate transgender students and teachers, which could include separate washrooms and change-rooms.

A draft policy was set to be discussed at a committee meeting Monday night.

"Trustee (Lisa) Taylor made a motion that we prepare a transgender standardization policy and it was passed," board chair Mark Wasyliw said. "We have about 150 students in our schools that are transgender and that can lead to problems with field trips, change rooms, bathrooms and dress codes.

"There's no clear policy about it at the Winnipeg School Division and teachers don't have a lot of guidance about this issue ... A lot of teachers don't know how to react when they are faced with this challenge in their classroom, and this is going to give them a guideline."  (more...)

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