Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Story of Britain's Child Migrants

 Empty Cradles
A most moving book. I cried about 20 times during reading the book.

It is the story of how Margaret, a social worker for Nottinghamshire County Council  gradually discovers the unpalatable truth that the British Government and childrens charities trafficked children as young as 4 to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Rhodesia.

It was part of a deliberate policy to rid Britain of the problem of full childrens homes,  paying for their upbringing as well as having the “benefit” of populating the Empire with young white blood. These children were transported as orphans, often with names and dates of birth altered so that their parents, who had often not agreed or even known about the theft of their children, would not be able to contact them and vice versa.

If you think that is stark, then add to the mix some emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Then top it off with lies and cover up by institutions and government. Many aspects will be familiar to those who know about Britain's child sexual abuse and forced adopted and secret courts of today.  (more...)

The Canadian end of this trail of tears:

 Little Immigrants

When a society has commodified the human person, no attrocity is forbidden.

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