Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Exclusive all-girls’ school Branksome Hall embraces trans graduates

Andrew Sprung and Reed Wanless may be the first male graduates of one of Canada’s most prestigious all-girls’ school.

The two studied at Branksome Hall in Toronto’s tony Rosedale neighbourhood and completed high school in 2004. Since then, they’ve transitioned and come out as transgender men.

The men are featured on the cover of the recent Branksome’s alumnae magazine and have been invited to join a new transgender working group designed to help the venerable 113-year-old school with Presbyterian roots face a social issue that’s top of mind.

More than a decade before Caitlyn Jenner became a household name or campuses crackled with gender politics, Branksome Hall was open-minded toward LGBTQ issues, Sprung and Wanless told the Star. In their last years at Branksome, they both openly identified as lesbian.  (more...)

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