Thursday, January 28, 2016

Greville Janner: Justice Denied

Interview with men who reported Greville Janner's abuse, but were denied court appearances.

Also Includes former detective sergeant Graeme Peene, who reported concerns about Janners back in the 1970's.

There were four police investigations into Janner.

The first was in 1991. Detective Inspector Kelvyn Ashby, who was in charge of that inquiry said he would have arrested Janner because he believed there was sufficient evidence, but that decision was taken out of his hands by senior people.

In 2002 he was subject of an inquiry another claim of abuse at a childrens home, and in 2006 following another investigation, a local prosecutor decided not to press charges.

Last year in 2015, Leicester Police said there was credible evidence that Janner had committed the most serious sex crimes imaginable, but the DPP said he wasn't fit to be charged.

Jim Roberts, Former Leicestershire County Councillor believes that it was the 'establishment taking care of its own' .

How could it happen?

Sleight of hand

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