Friday, January 22, 2016

PC? ‘It will mean more coming from us’: Queer Tories push for acceptance amid leadership race

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown (centre) walks the route during Toronto's Pride Parade.
OTTAWA — A group of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Tories says now is the time to drop language opposing same-sex marriage from Conservative party policy.

The party’s need to rebuild after the fall election provides an opportunity to get rid of a policy that’s offensive and hurts the party’s chances for growth, a group called LGBTories says and they are asking interim party leader Rona Ambrose for help.

“This policy is a significant obstacle to the acceptance of the Conservative message by voters who would otherwise be attracted to the party’s stance on economic, security, and foreign policy issues,” they wrote in a letter to her made public this week.

The group started about a year ago ahead of Toronto Pride, an event that saw — for the first time — some Conservatives show up for the parade, including current Ontario PC leader and former Tory MP Patrick Brown and Tory MP Kellie Leitch.

Leitch is among those considering a bid for the federal party leadership, a race likely to kick off in earnest at this spring’s Conservative policy convention.

That’s partially why LGBTories aim to send a delegation to that convention to get the policy off the books, group member Ed Lorenzen said in an interview.  (more...)

Who didn't see that coming?


  1. Thank-you for posting this valuable information and expose of the subversive "con"servative party. It was amazing how many "pro-life" (?) individuals glossed over the pro-homosexual agenda of the Tories. The "Fabulous Blue tent" events, Harper's spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars overseas to promote homo-ideology was considered irrelevant by so many of these people.

    1. There was great fanfare around how great the "John Paul II generation" were going to be for life and family, while hastening to drive away the pre-Vatican II baby boomers they demonized. The sad fact is that without a true historical understanding of the sexual revolution, there is no defense against the neo-fascists who have colonized "conservatism". Young voters have no apprehension of Trotskyism, Fabianism, and underground Naziism, and the weaponized social engineering techniques perfected in the world wars and unleashed on children in the 50s and 60s. They uncritically consume Tom Hanks' "Greatest Generation" myth, try to emulate it, and vote like Hollywood tells them to. The victims of the sexual revolution must overcome their fear and shame and tell history the way it really was, including the massive sexual exploitation of children and youth by "the great and the good". Without our memories, frauds like Tory "conservatism" will continue unchallenged.