Thursday, January 28, 2016

Toronto police laid sex assault charge against Brazilian soccer player despite knowing they had no case

Brian Greenspan: “The investigating officers were accepting and compliant with
the Crown position, and it was senior members of the unit that chose not to proceed
on the recommendation of the Crown."
TORONTO — Police investigating the alleged sexual assault of a young Toronto woman during the Pan Am Games by two Brazilian soccer players were told by Crown prosecutors they had no case against one of the men, but senior officers “defiantly” held a press conference anyway to wrongly describe Lucas Domingues Piazon as a wanted rapist who assaulted a sleeping woman in her bed, according to his lawyer.

Brian Greenspan made the claim — that police unfairly laid a charge they knew would not only fail, but never even get to trial — after Piazon’s sexual assault charge was formally withdrawn by the Crown on Tuesday.

In response, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders has ordered an investigation by the force’s professional standards unit, a spokesman said.

“Any remedy would have to be considered,” Greenspan said, but added he did not expect any lawsuits or formal complaints, as his client has a promising soccer career to focus on.  (more...)


Gotta watch those Toronto cops:

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