Thursday, January 21, 2016

Nearly a quarter of Toronto public schools in 'critical' condition

Nearly one-quarter of Toronto's public schools are in need of urgent repairs, CTV News has learned.

Documents obtained by CTV Toronto's Naomi Parness show that 136 of the Toronto District School Board's 591 schools are ranked by the province in "critical" condition. The rating means the buildings need extensive renovations or replacements of core systems.

"It doesn't necessarily mean that it is unsafe, but it means that it may have passed its life expectancy," TDSB spokesperson Ryan Bird told CTV Toronto. Bird said the board maintains all emergency repairs.

Ontario schools are ranked by the province using a system referred to as the Facility Condition Index (FCI).

The rankings are calculated as a percentage, which is the total value of replacement costs compared to the total value of replacing the entire building. For example, if a school needs $10 million in repairs, and its value is $20 million, its FCI is 50 per cent.

Schools with an FCI of less than 10 are considered "good," while those at 65 or higher are "critical."

CTV Toronto obtained the rankings, which showed that 136 schools are at 65 or above. Another 195 schools fall between 30 and 65, receiving a ranking of "poor."  (more...)

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