Thursday, January 28, 2016

Distillery District shooting lands cop Police Services Act charges

An officer who fired 14 bullets into the hood of a stolen Toyota Corolla in the middle of a busy intersection faces Police Services Act charges.

The charges, which haven’t been released, follow an internal investigation into the takedown of a 60-year-old suspected car thief in the Distillery District on Sept. 16.

Police had boxed in the car with their cruisers at the intersection of Parliament and Mill Sts.

Video footage of the takedown shows officers getting out of their cruisers and ordering the man out of the Corolla. But as one cruiser moves forward slightly, another officer fires his Glock 9-mm pistol into the engine, causing two of his colleagues to cover up.

“The investigation has now led to charges that will take (Const. Tash Baiaiti) in front of the tribunal,” police spokesman Meaghan Gray said Wednesday.  (more...)

Oh, man......

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