Thursday, November 5, 2015

Institute of Noetic Sciences: Fascists and the New Age

We view the so-called “New Age” with a jaundiced eye. Although the term itself is a “broad brush” with which to paint, a disturbingly large amount of what its adherents manifest is derivative of elements of Nazi occultism and the intelligence community’s mind control programs.

A major constellation in the New Age firmament is the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Based in Petaluma, California, the institute was co-founded by SS officer, Third Reich and NASA rocket scientist and Project Paperclip import Werner von Braun.

Another of the co-founders is former EXXON executive Paul Temple, who also is deeply involved with Abraham Vereide’s Fellowship Foundation.

In FTR #697 Christian Fundamentalism and the Underground Reich, we examined the strong connections between Vereide’s group, the Third Reich and post-war Underground Reich-connected elements.

Adherents of the New Age would do well to consider with what they are engaging.  (more...)

Here's how you too can go spooky, Canuk style.

The new face of fascism

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