Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ontario College of Teachers Hearings - September 2014

Discipline Committee panels have ordered that summaries of these recent disciplinary cases be published in Professionally Speaking.

  • A Discipline Committee panel revoked the teaching certificate of high school teacher James Alan Bliss after he was convicted of the sexual exploitation of a female student... Bliss and a student began to correspond electronically in February 2010 and developed an inappropriate relationship. They exchanged personal emails and texts, including sexual messages, and he bought her a dress and shoes. He allowed the student to stay in his hotel room and had a sexual relationship with her.

  • A Discipline Committee panel ordered the publication of additional findings concerning Lambton Kent DSB teacher Dale Vincent Gerald Maheux whose certificate was already revoked in connection with a criminal conviction for sexual assault and sexual exploitation... Having been convicted of sexual assault and sexual exploitation of a young person, Maheux, while waiting for the imposition of a sentence in that matter, repeated the sexual interference with another young person.

  • A Discipline Committee panel revoked the certificate of Halton DSB teacher Trace Russell Teeple for possessing child pornography... In September 2012, Teeple was found guilty of the charge that he possessed child pornography during the 2009 calendar year. He pleaded guilty in the criminal proceedings and, in April 2013, he was sentenced to 45 days in jail and 24 months' probation. He was also prohibited for 10 years from using a computer to communicate with anyone under 16.


  1. This is one person of three who has ordered me to appear for a reprimand in Toronto at my own expense on August 27th before the Ontario College of Teachers. Do I have any regrets for protesting repeat sex offenders being allowed to teach their victims in Ontario classrooms. Not one second! It sure has been expensive personally and emotionally but nothing compared to the victims of sex abuse by teachers or any adults. My hat goes off to anyone who stands and protest administrative abuse that allows the abuse of children. Stand guard for the ones who can not defend themselves. Speak and be heard over the cover up of public relations and stupidity of selfishness. I will get off my soap box now.... just had to say something..... take care people, be strong and defend the little ones and young people who need help. Some times you get tired, fed up...but we have to stand and deliver for the innocent ones...

  2. Jack, thanks for your courage and initiative. My hat is off to those who pay the price for speaking up, regardless of consequences.