Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jacques Tremblay, racy teen novel author, quits teaching after backlash

The former head of discipline for Ontario teachers, who also taught high school in Kingston, Ont., has officially resigned from teaching after co-authoring a sexually infused novel for teens in 2008.

Jacques Tremblay co-authored the 350-page novel, The Sexteens and the Fake Goddess, with his wife and son, which was published by the family's company Glowing Shadow Productions.

The novel tells the story of two Grade 9 students who rely on "cleverness and sex appeal" to confront authority figures, according to its description on bookselling website

The book contains multiple descriptions of teenaged girls' breasts and buttocks, as well as scenes of stripping, bondage and sexual assault. Its cover also features a topless teenage boy and girl.

In Oct. 2011, Tremblay stepped down from his position as chairman of the Ontario College of Teachers' discipline committee and resigned from his elected membership on the College's governing council. That came after media reports revealed he co-authored the novel.  (more...)

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