Friday, August 22, 2014

Ottawa Pride honors teen for writing, directing homosexual musical at Catholic school

An Ottawa-area teen who wrote and directed a pro-homosexual musical that was recently performed in his Catholic school was honored for his accomplishment by being named  “Youth Marshal” in Ottawa’s recent Capital Pride parade.

The musical, titled “Break Before Bend,” sympathetically tells the story of a homosexual teenager and the struggles he faces while ‘coming out’ in school.

Capital pride officials awarded Elliot Wehrle, a now-graduated student from Mother Teresa High School just outside Ottawa, for being an “outstanding individual under the age of 25 who has made a significant contribution to the LGBTQ community in the National Capital Region.”

Pride officials called Wehrle’s musical a “story of a homosexual teenager who struggles in a less-than- tolerant high school. The piece deals with themes of homophobia, bullying and bystander apathy.” Ottawa Community News described it as a “story of homophobic persecution.”  (more...)

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