Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sacred Cows and Sexual Abuse

The Deetman commission in Holland that investigated sexual abuse has concluded that since 1945 between ten and twenty thousand children were sexually abused by Catholic priests and religious. This is in a country that currently has about five million Catholics.

The commission also suggested that homosexuality was a major factor in the abuse. FAZ reports:

Homosexuelle Subkultur ein entscheidender Faktor
Schilderungen der Kommission über sexuellen Missbrauch von Jungen speziell in Ordenseinrichtungen lassen indes darauf schließen, dass eine homosexuelle Subkultur ein entscheidender Faktor für Übergriffigkeit war und ist.
The descriptions of the commission of the sexual abuse of boys, especially in institutions run by religious orders suggests that a homosexual subculture was and is [my emphasis] a crucial factor for the abuse.
I have surveyed the press in the languages I know, and this seems to be the only article that mentions this conclusion of the report. I do not read Dutch, so I must rely upon this German report, but FAZ is generally accurate.  (more...)

Sacred Cows and Sexual Abuse

Also, the roles of narcissism and psychopathy:

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