Saturday, August 9, 2014

Concerned Catholics Tell Knights of Columbus Annual Convention: Expel Your Pro-Abortion Politicians

“Why do the Knights of Columbus keep refusing to expel the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual-agenda politicians they harbor in their midst?” asks Kenneth M. Fisher, head of Concerned Roman Catholics of America. Says Fisher, “The Knights’ 132nd Annual Supreme Convention, in Orlando this August 2-7, is the perfect time for them to live up to their Catholic ideals, and their own rules, by deciding to kick out the bad guys.” However, perhaps the reason they won’t abide by their own Constitutions Article 162-7 is that it may cost them their tax exemption that would endanger their Supreme Officers lucrative salaries including Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson’s over 2.1 Million dollar/yr. compensation!

The Knights, a 1.8-million-member Catholic men’s fraternal order, do much good, says Fisher, who is a Knight himself: “We devote millions of man-hours to good works and we give millions of dollars to charitable causes.” But, he notes, “At the same time, the Knights’ Supreme Council gives great scandal by refusing to allow local councils to rid themselves of the pro-abortion politicians who take advantage of their K of C membership to masquerade as good Catholics.”  (more...)

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