Saturday, August 16, 2014

The New York Times is No Friend of Marriage

The New York Times just ran a gauzy thousand word story on the marriage of Robert Kennedy Jr. and actress Cheryl Hines.

They headlined the piece “No Curbs on Their Enthusiasm,” a play on her hit HBO show called “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” but meant to convey how wonderful it all was, how they met, fell in love and here they are getting married by a Unitarian Universalist minister at fairy tale Hyannis Port. There is even a picture of Kennedy and Hines in a sailboat, gazing lovingly, and clapboard mansions behind them.

The portrait the Times paints is fantasy.

This is not another column bashing the Kennedys. I have done my share of those. Rather, it is about marriage in the modern age and the New York Times.

The reality of this scene starts with the fact that Kennedy and Hines began their affair when both of them were still married.  (more...)

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